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Forged Presentation Scalloped Pipe Tomahawk

Sold: $775

A large and beautiful presentation-grade pipe tomahawk, hand-forged from a carbon steel ball-pein hammer. The goblet pipe bowl has a hand-filed rim with a pinched ring stem, and sits on an octagon base. The eye is heavy, with a single fuller below the pipe and a double fuller at the base of the blade. The lower edge of the blade has three scallops with a false edge. The top of the blade has vine filework along the spine and is patinaed in a dark brown. A steel 'flower' tack adorns each side of the eye. The blade is fitted to the haft with a leather gasket, which was often used to make an airtight fit for smoking.

The haft is premium curly maple, prepared with aqua fortis and stained a rich dark mahogany. The upper portion of the grip is scalloped to complement the blade. The lower grip has two pair of narrow pewter bands, above and below a larger pewter band. Each band also has incised lines around their circumferences. 

The mouthpiece and cleanout plug are turned from solid elk antler tips. The cleanout plug has a matching steel tack and a brass cleaning pick.

The presentation tomahawk measures 24", and the head is 7" long, with a 2.25” edge.

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    Architecture and award-winning museum-quality custom handmade knives, edged weapons, powder horns, tomahawks, war clubs, jewelry, metal sculpture, cribbage boards, flint and obsidian knives, Japanese swords, menorahs, and more from Tucson, Arizona artist and architect Larry Gotkin.

    About Larry Gotkin
    Artist & Registered AZ Architect
    Tucson, Arizona
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