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Forged Steel Snake From File

Price: $70

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Re-purposing worn-out tools into art is a time-honored forging tradition. It is simply kind of fun. 

This snake was forged from an old round rat-tailed file. The head was upset (hammered axially until it is thicker) and hammered to shape. The body was then tapered, filed and coiled. The texture of the file remains as 'scales'. Features were then carved into the face, and the head raised slightly.

A slightly menacing  presence for a desk to hold down papers. 

The snake is actually 18" long, but is coiled into a form approximately 6" x 4"

Keywords: snake, steel snake, forged snake, art snake, unique snake art, desk accessory, paper-weight.

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    About Larry Gotkin
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    Photography by Larry Gotkin

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